Monsters 2012

Evil swampland witch

Cackling endlessly with glee

As she creeps along


Little child monster

Big balloons float overhead

Filled with secret barbs


Generous old beast

Offering a red flower,

Red poison petals


Yellow eyes, dark soul

Jaundiced creature of the night

Hoping to eat you


Undead sorceress

Floating, flying… light as air,

Heavy with dark thoughts


Hallow’s Eve pumpkin

Snickering as he awaits

Imminent chaos


“Normal”-looking fiend

Monstrous hopes, plans, appetite

Hidden in plain sight


Unnatural ogre

Defying both time and space

Not quite here nor there


Green eyes stained by ire

Raging, impatient for flesh

Starved and on the hunt


Fire-breathing tyrant

Vicious destroyer of peace

Seeking to destroy


Man-beast shape-shifter

Prowling through shadowed side streets

Following fear’s scent



large – 14.5 x 10.5″

small – 7 x 10.5″

What do you think?

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