3 thoughts on ““Poetess of Light”

  1. To say that I am speechless would certainly not define the way I feel now.
    The first reaction was a pumping of the heart, faster than I have felt for a while.
    A wave of emotions. Honored. Touched, and some how Resolved.
    As if realizing that you and I both see the same beauties in life.
    And you have just recognized Light the way it manifests itself in poetry
    in my heart and I bring it onto paper in words.
    The painting is perhaps much more than I am, but then I must accept its beauty,
    for I am you and you are I; and we are interconnected through colors, strokes, words and light.
    I am honored to have met you on my path on this journey of life.
    I look forward to seeing your depictions on more of my words
    as they find their way in print in the world.
    With realization of the manifestations of this gift.
    Truly, Me

      • I will indeed enjoy it for many many years to come. More than anything, I will always remember the email you sent introducing yourself and your work. I am truly touched to know that you were touched by the words that I believe are from Light. After all we are all seeds in gestation and we all have come from the same core. Thank you

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