“Sail On, Oh Sailboat”

Sail On, Oh Sailboat

Through Night and Day and Twilight

Adventure Awaits


watercolor/ink/acrylic, 24 x 18″


For Emily and Jacob Kagey, who have just welcomed a baby boy to their growing family.

2 thoughts on ““Sail On, Oh Sailboat”

  1. Something about this painting has captured my heart and being.
    Of course the colors are fantastic.
    I love the sail boat. Is it the magical bird that seems like it can swim at times and then fly when need be? I imagine that each of the fish have wings also; some enjoy swimming in the mornings and then opening their wings at twilight to find flight in the darkness.
    There is a harmonious dance I see in this painting, Like the Yin and Yang. There is a flow, that is evidently the connection of the sky to sea and sea to sky. The tear drop leaves the eye of the bird and ripples through the sea and affects the dance of the now fish.
    Truly, I think I could write a short story about the life I see captured but not caged in this image.
    Thank you for the beautiful imagery that is reality in disguise. Where birds know how to fly and fish fly at night.

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